How to Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating:

Procrastination can be anxiety-inducing and can lead to a lot of added life stress. Procrastination is the enemy of many students and professionals, and can leave us rushing to meet deadlines and producing low quality work.

Here are four simple steps to stop procrastinating right now.

Create a schedule:

Creating a schedule is the first step to getting back in control of your procrastinating tendencies. Your schedule should have SMART goals and break down your tasks into manageable chunks.

Don’t overcommit on your schedule. Build up your work amounts slowly. Going from doing absolutely nothing to studying 8 hours a day is going to lead to rapid burnout.

Be flexible with your schedule and make sure to schedule in break and rest times.

Set a deadline:

You need to set a deadline for your tasks. Making sure that your deadlines are realistic whilst still ensuring your meet your overall time constraints is key to preventing procrastination.

Your task deadlines should be achievable, but not so far in the future that you risk procrastinating again.

Break it down:

Break down larger tasks into smaller chunks to make your workload more manageable. It’s important not to make mountains out of molehills, and it’s likely you are already feeling guilty about past procrastination. This kind of thinking can make your over exaggerate how much work you have to complete, which can encourage more procrastination.

Break down all of your tasks into manageable chunks. Rather than cleaning the entire house, for example, simply keen the kitchen. By doing this, your brain is more motivated to start tasks and isn’t overwhelmed by the sheer size of your workload.

Do the easiest task first:

Sometimes, all you need to beat your procrastination is a start. By starting with the easiest task first, your brain gets rewarded from the feeling of completing something. This little rush will inspire you to keep working towards your tasks.

If you choose to tackle the hardest task first, you may get frustrated and overwhelmed. Stick with the easiest first to get you started.

Final Thoughts:

Procrastination doesn’t have to ruin your goals. Simply follow the above steps in order to stop procrastinating right now. These actionable steps mean you are well on the way to stopping procrastination and completing your goals today.