Probably the most beneficial component of a spill kit is that they are pre-packaged with all the materials that will be needed in the spill clean-up procedure.

Once a spill occurs time is of the essence and being able to quickly grab the kit will ensure the spill is addressed immediately and effectively.

Workers should be able to locate a spill kit in the facility and the procedures for addressing both common spills and hazardous spills.

Not only will the spill be contained and cleaned quickly, but the PPE included in the spill kit will keep workers safe while they are handling the spilled materials.

There are several different designs of spill kits offered that can be beneficial in different situations.

 For example, there are spill kits that can be hung up on the wall for easy storage, spill kits housed in a wheeled bin for easy transportation, or kits in a duffel bag designed for truckers on the road.


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