What is a solitaire?

Solitaire diamonds are single, precious stones that can be worn as rings, earrings or pendants. The term “solitaire” basically refers to any piece of jewellery consisting of only one gemstone set in gold settings with no other enhancements like hinges, for example.

Most people associate a solitaire diamond with the classic diamond engagement ring design.

What is a solitaire engagement ring?

Solitaire engagement rings are a centuries-old tradition worn by the wealthy and famous for years. This one-stone design features an elegant diamond solitaire set proudly on top of its metal band, without any other stones distracting from this masterpiece's beauty.

The advantage with such simple designs is they never get too complicated - which means you can stack them together with wedding bands or just wear it by itself.

Solitaire engagement rings are perfect for those who want to make a statement. 

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

We believe in the power of every woman to wear an engagement ring that is personal and perfect for them. Our average customer chooses a centre stone of just under one carat, but you can opt for any size! For single-stone rings, we often recommend going with a minimum of 1/2 ct solitaire diamond designs as they're timeless yet distinctive.

What is the most classic engagement ring?

Solitaire settings are considered the most classic engagement ring style. Diamond solitaire rings have been around for centuries, and they're as popular now as ever! This type of band features one large diamond that sits atop a simple shank—usually made with gold or platinum metal

What diamond cut looks best in solitaire rings?

The diamond solitaire ring is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. The simple design and sparkling stone make it versatile enough for any shape or colour gemstones to shine in this setting, with round brilliant diamonds being among the most popular shapes chosen by women today who want something elegant but also modern about their hands-free accessory pieces!

Round Solitaire Engagement Ring

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular shape for an engagement ring because it has captivating brilliance and life. This timeless gem will never go out of style or overpower any outfit you wear with it!

Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

The princess cut diamond is the second most popular style for engagement rings due to its sophisticated design and sharp corners. The sharp corners of this diamond style make it stand out from other types, making these engagement rings perfect when you want something different than what's usually seen in stores!

Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

The oval-shaped solitaire is a romantic and vintage looking stone. Choosing a longer stone can make your hand appear more elegant, which may be part of why shoppers love them so much!

Cushion Solitaire Engagement Ring

The cushion cut is a square pillow-shaped diamond that's gained popularity and appeal in the last few years. Many celebrities choose this shape for their solitaire engagement rings because of the sparkle, and sophisticated design element it has to offer!

What metals are used in solitaire engagement rings?

White gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum are all available for engagement rings. It's no surprise that platinum is the most popular metal option because of its incredible durability and modern shine!

Personalise for Your Diamond Solitaire Ring

The traditional solitaire engagement ring is a timeless masterpiece that women will cherish for life. 

Choose from different metal and stone options to create your own handcrafted, personalized design! solitaire rings for women.


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