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How to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination can be anxiety-inducing and can lead to a lot of added life stress. Procrastination is the enemy of many students and professionals, and can leave us rushing to meet deadlines and producing low quality work. Here are four simple steps to stop procrastinating right now.





7 things to do during Quarantine

Coronavirus lockdown may be lifted in some countries, but many of your usual means of entertainment are probably still off the menu. For most of us, being in quarantine is a new experience that can impact our mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Will Businesses Survive in MCO 2.0?

It happened. MCO 2.0. We, at Surf, will not be talking about that here... many people have already expressed their opinions about it. Let’s talk about how delivery becomes essential services... as we evolve to the digital lifestyle.